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Conference Questions

What is included in the cost of my conference registration?

Your conference registration includes access to sessions, keynote speaker events, and access to the exhibit hall where a variety of mathematics teaching materials can be viewed. For the 2023 conference, a buffet lunch at the convention center will be included in the cost of registration. Tickets will be issued upon the attendee's check in. Conference attendees are responsible for all related expenses such as field trip/Math Trail tickets, travel, other meals, and lodging.

May I pay to attend only one day of the conference?

Yes, we offer a one-day rate and a full-conference rate.

What are the conference registration deadlines?

October 15 is the “early bird” registration deadline. Payment must be made online, by check, or purchase order and received by October 15 in order to be eligible for the “early bird” rate. Attendees may still register and pay the regular conference rate online or schools may still email a purchase order beginning on October 16 through the day before the conference.

Are meals included with my registration?

For the 2023 conference, each day, a buffet lunch at the convention center will be included in the cost of registration. Lunch tickets will be issued upon the attendee's check in.

May my guest attend SCCTM meeting functions?

No, due to insurance regulations, in order to attend the conference functions, participants must be registered for the conference.

How will I obtain my conference name badge?

Once your payment for your conference registration has been posted, your conference name badge will arrive by email. Please print your name badge and your QR code out and bring them to the conference with you. If you already have a plastic name badge holder, as part of our efforts to “go green” we encourage you to “upcycle” and reuse your badge holder. We will have badge holders available at the registration desk. (If you forget to bring your printed name badge or you register on site, we will provide you with a name badge.) Having your name badge with you when you arrive allows you to be checked in by at volunteer when you enter the convention center so you don’t have to spend time waiting in a line check in.

Will there be a printed conference program book provided?

As part of our continuing effort to “go green,” SCCTM will no longer provide printed conference program booklets. The conference program book will be available in an HTML5 “flipbook” format which may be accessed from our website, can be viewed on any internet connected device, and the pages will be turnable, as with a book or a magazine. The program book may also be downloaded in a pdf version for viewing or printing. We encourage you to download materials or pre-print materials before traveling.

How do I obtain an invoice/receipt for my registration?

A confirmation email is automatically sent to the attendee when registration is paid. This email can be forwarded to a bookkeeper or financial department. You may also reprint invoices or receipts by accessing your online account. Your email address is your user name. If you haven’t set up a password previously, you may have the system send a password to your email address. Please visit and log into your account, if you need another copy of your receipt or invoice. Invoices for purchase order payments are emailed upon receipt of a purchase order by mail or email to your school or district. For credit card transactions, an emailed receipt is automatically generated and sent via our non-profit credit card processing provider to the attendee. This receipt will have the last 4 digits of the card used, as required by some school districts for accounting purposes. Please forward this email to your accounting department.

How do I register a group?

Please have each person in your group register online. If you wish to pay the membership rate, have them join SCCTM first if they aren't already current members. They won't be able to register for a conference until their membership is confirmed with a payment. Membership can be paid by an individual with a check, by purchase order or card. Invoices can be emailed to someone other than the attendee as needed. Payment can be made later for Purchase orders by check or card. If they aren't joining, registration can go through automatically by paying the nonmember rates. Please see this Help-Guide for information about registering multiple attendees.

How do I register using a Purchase Order?

Please have each attendee register online without making payment by choosing "invoice me" within the registration system. Purchase orders must then be emailed to: for processing. Once the PO is processed, the attendee(s) will recieve their name badge and QR check in code via email. The school or district will be invoiced for payment. Please see these instructions for more details on registering and leaving payment pending. If your attendees wish to join in order to receive the membership conference rate, they may set up membership and choose "invoice me" within the membership area. They won't be able to register for the conference at the discount until a membership payment is verified, but they will have their accounts set up in the SCCTM system and once the PO is processed they can be quickly registered.

How do I obtain an invoice/receipt for a group of registrations?

A confirmation email is sent via email at the time of registration and/or payment. Invoices for purchase order payments are emailed or mailed to the individual school or district office for payment. I payment was made by credit card and a receipt with the last four digits of the card is needed, please email your request to:

Conference Registration Cancellation Procedure?

Refunds of any registration fees paid will be based upon the SCCTM refund policy. Please access that document here:Refund Policy

May I substitute/transfer my paid registration to someone else who will attend the Conference in my place?

You may substitute someone else in your place by Please provide the name and email address of the person who can no longer attend along with the new registrant's phone number, and other contact information. If substitution must be done at the last minute,  please have the substitute report to registration at the conference.  If the original attendee is a member and received the discounted member's conference rate, then the substitute must also be a member or join prior to the substitution process. The substitute may register online and leave the payment pending by choosing "invoice me." The payment can then be transferred from the original person's account to the substitute's account.

Will presentation handouts be provided onsite?

As part of our continuing effort to “go green,” all materials will be provided electronically when shared by individual speakers. No paper handouts, printing of materials, USBs or CDs will be available onsite unless provided by an individual speaker. We encourage you to download materials or pre-print materials before traveling. All handouts and slideshows that are provided to SCCTM by a speaker will be available via the Conference website.

How many professional development credits do I earn for each session?

CEU credits are 1 point for each 60 minutes.

How can I make sure that I receive professional development credit for attending the conference?

Attendees will be provided by email with a copy of the information needed in order to obtain proof of individual session attendance. It is the attendee's responsibility to keep track of the sessions attended.  A certificate of conference attendance will be emailed to attendees after the conference. Storage and tracking for this certificate will only be available within the SCCTM database for 6 months. Please look for the email during the weeks after the conference in order to save and print your certificate. Certificates will be generated by the end of December. Each attendee is responsible for keeping up with the information for the sessions that they attended during the conference. Payment must be received for purchase orders prior to attendance certificates being issues.

How can I obtain proof of my attendance at a previous conference?

Attendees of SCCTM conferences in 2017 and during previous years were provided with hard copy conference program book. In the back of each program book there was a “South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference Renewal Credit Certification” form. At the end of each session, the presenter or facilitator informed the attendees of the Certificate Renewal Code for that session. Attendees wrote down the names of the sessions that they attended, added the renewal code to their form, and kept up with the points on the form provided, which was watermarked, “Official Document.” It was the attendee’s responsibility to keep up with their hours and points. SCCTM can provide documentation of registration and check in at the conference, but does not have a record of the actual sessions attended by each individual. Please email:director@scctmconference.orgif you need an email stating that you attended an SCCTM conference. Be sure to provide the following information in your message: Your first and last name and the year(s) that you attended a conference. This archived attendance verification information can only be provided as far back as 2014

Is Wi-Fi Provided at the conference?

Free (limited bandwidth) Wi-Fi is available in the main meeting areas and in nearly all session rooms. Due to the limited bandwidth which is provided by the convention center, Wi-Fi is not recommended for use by exhibitors for their displays/presentations.

What is the attire for the conference?

The dress code for the conference is casual. Meeting room temperatures will vary, so wear layered clothing to ensure your personal comfort. We also recommend comfortable shoes.

Where is the information desk?

General questions about the conference and the council can be answered at the SCCTM booth in the exhibit hall, at the Speaker and Pages Check in Desk, and in the conference headquarters/board room.

Where is lost and found?

Lost and found items may be turned over to the volunteers at the information desk. When the information desk closes, any found items will then be sent to the conference headquarters/board room.

I cancelled my conference registration. Will SCCTM also cancel my hotel reservation?

No. Cancelling your conference registration will not cancel your hotel reservation. Please contact your hotel directly to cancel your reservation. Your hotel reservation cancellation is subject to the hotel's cancellation policy.

MathMate Questions

How do I receive a subscription to The MathMate?

Active members of SCCTM receive online subscriptions to The MathMate as part of their memberships.  

What types of articles does The MathMate publish?

The mission of The MathMate is to feature articles about innovative mathematical classroom practices, important and timely educational issues, pedagogical methods, theoretical findings, significant mathematical ideas, and hands-on classroom activities and disseminate this information to students, educators and administrators  Any content which fits the mission of the journal is welcomed.

Can I get recertification credit for publishing in The MathMate?

Yes. According to the SC Department of Education Renewal Credit matrix at:

the primary author of a refereed journal article can earn 60 renewal credits/

How do I submit an article to The MathMate?

Submissions may be sent

How often is The MathMate Published?

The journal is published twice a year -- once in December and once in May.

Is The MathMate peer reviewed?

Yes. The journal uses a double blind review process.

Membership Questions

What are the benefits of membership?

Current members receive a greatly reduced conference rate. Only members are eligible for the conference door prize drawings. Members receive news blasts and newsletters via email. Active members of SCCTM receive online subscriptions to The MathMate as part of their memberships.

When do memberships expire?

One year memberships expire at midnight on September 30 of each year.

How do I obtain a membership card?

Your membership card can be viewed and printed from your account at

Contact Information for Additional Questions

The South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual conference is made available through the efforts of many volunteers, the board members, committee members, and managers. Please use the following information in order to contact a board member or manager with your questions.

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Speaker Proposal Submission: Proposals are due by August 10 prior to the November conference.

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