South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics Anti-Harassment Policy

The South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (SCCTM) strives to provide a safe and welcoming conference and meeting environment, free from bias and intimidation for all members and participants. SCCTM has a zero-tolerance policy toward discrimination and all forms of harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment. No form of discriminatory or harassing conduct by or towards any member, staff, speaker, attendee, vendor, volunteer or other person at SCCTM meetings, conferences, or workshops will be tolerated. SCCTM is committed to enforcing its policy at all levels within the council. Anyone who engages in prohibited discrimination or harassment will be subject to discipline, including warning the offender, up to and including expulsion from current and/or future conferences, meetings, or workshops and revocation of membership in the math council. No refunds will be granted to any attendee expelled from an SCCTM Conference, meeting, or workshop due to violations of this policy. Instances of harassment should be brought to the attention of the SCCTM Executive Director and/or SCCTM President, who will then meet and consult with other executive officers regarding a course of action. If you are  being harassed, witness harassment, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of SCCTM Board immediately by visiting the registration desk or the headquarters room at the conference.

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