History of SCCTM

The South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics was born in the spring of 1978. The organization had two “parent organizations” – the Association of South Carolina Mathematics Teachers (ASCMT) and the South Carolina Mathematics Council (SCMC). The transition from ASCMT/SCMC to SCCTM is an interesting story.

The Association of South Carolina Mathematics Teachers (ASCMT) was a subset of the South Carolina Education Association (SCEA). All members of SCEA who were interested in the purposes and functions of ASCMT were eligible for membership in that organization. In 1976, ASCMT membership dues were $2.00 annually and the budget for 1976–77 was $1,120.

The South Carolina Mathematics Council (SCMC) was affiliated with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Anyone interested in the purposes and functions of SCMC was eligible for membership. In 1976, dues for this organization were $3.00. Dues for people who were also members of ASCMT were $1.00. The budget for SCMC for 1976–77 was $380.

Many people were members of both organizations, but some were members of only one. All officers served both organizations, but there were separate treasurers. While we do not have a record of all presidents of these parent organizations, the president of ASCMT and SCMC in 1976–77 was Lane Peeler and the president of both organizations in 1977–78 was Pat Borenstein.

In 1976 the suggestion of a newsletter was made at a business meeting, but was tabled for future consideration. This was the beginning of thoughts that would lead to the publication of The MathMate. The fall conference of ASCMT and SCMC was generally held at the SCEA building and the spring meeting was generally held at a school in Columbia. The business meetings dealt with the business of each organization separately.

At the spring meeting in 1977, Lane Peeler, President of ASCMT and SCMC, presented plans for replacing ASCMT and SCMC with one organization. The SCCTM Constitution Committee consisted of Hamp Sherard, Chair; James Blake; Pat Borenstein; Lane Peeler; Eloise Rudy; and Faye Jenkins.

Later in 1977, Pat Borenstein, upon becoming President of ASCMT and SCMC, indicated through a letter to the membership that a new constitution had been written and would be voted on at the Fall Conference in 1977 (the annual meeting of SCMC) and at the annual meeting of ASCMT in April 1978. At those meetings, the Constitution was approved and SCCTM was officially born in Spring 1978. Bonnie Cagan was the first president of SCCTM and served from spring 1978 until the fall conference in 1978.

The first fall conference for SCCTM was held at Columbia College on October 27–28, 1978. At that time, Eloise Rudy was elected as the second president of SCCTM, but the first president to serve a full one-year term (1978–79).

This brief account of how SCCTM became an organization was developed by contacting many people and by researching the early minutes of the organization. Many thanks to all of the people who helped assemble this historical perspective.


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